I Could Be Wrong (GASP!)

Yes, I could be wrong…and that’s the point.  As skeptics, as citizens, as human beings, we need to admit that we are fallible.  Our beliefs are not absolute.  We can make mistakes.  Mistakes in judgment, mistakes in arithmetic, mistakes in anything.  I have been wrong a hell of a lot, and I bet that most of you don’t have an entirely pristine track record either.  This is fine.  We shouldn’t cling dogmatically to a set of edicts and laws.  We should commit to a process of refining beliefs; of acquiring knowledge to better inform and shape our ideas about the universe and ourselves.  Skeptics don’t think they know it all.  In fact, that’s why they’re right so often.  Every foolish and uniformed notion that we throw away gets us closer to the truth.  Seek out new information.  Be adaptable.  Challenge your beliefs.  Be wrong so that you can be more right.

2 Responses to I Could Be Wrong (GASP!)

  1. Kevin says:

    But if I’m wrong, won’t that damage my street cred?

  2. Jake says:

    Not if you’re wrong about being wrong; then you’re right. And that’s the point…maybe.

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