Come on Texas, are you kidding?

The Texas Supreme court has ruled that a woman cannot sue her church for performing an exorcism on her against her will, despite a jury ruling in her favor that the church should be held liable .   Laura Schubert was allegedly pinned down and ‘pummeled’ against her will for two days by members of her church who were trying to perform an exorcism.   The Texas Supreme court stated:

[Finding the church liable] would have an unconstitutional ‘chilling effect’ by compelling the church to abandon core principles of it’s religious beliefs.

What’s almost as sad as this is the ‘exorcisms’ they show being done by the church in the video.  These are exorcisms done on people NOT against their will.  It’s really just ridiculous to watch these people who think they are actually possessed by demons.  Seriously, they actually think that Satan is causing them depression and anxiety and he needs to be removed in the name of Christ for them to feel normal again.  My diagnosis?  Too much church.  I’d be depressed and anxious if I had to constantly live up to impossibly high standards set by the magical sky fairy.

One Response to Come on Texas, are you kidding?

  1. Jake says:

    Dear Kevin,

    Don’t mess with Texas.


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