Jesse Ventura should run for Senate

Ever since Jesse Ventura was elected governor of Minnesota, I never paid any attention to his administration. First, I don’t really pay too much attention to other state’s policies unless their groundbreaking (enough to be on the news). And second, I figured his election was another example of someone getting elected because of popularity instead of excellent political abilities.

Well, I still don’t know much about his policies since he was elected (something I’ll have to look into more), but I found this video and was pretty impressed by it:

I’ve been planning on posting on this issue for a while, but haven’t found the time. Now I don’t need to because Ventura summarized my thoughts rather nicely. I’m starting to get sick of this election because of how much emphasis is being placed on things that aren’t related to the political state of our country at all. Both candidates have been spending too much energy focusing on why the other side is ‘bad’ instead of focusing on why they would be an effective leader. Just try and be the best candidate you can be and then let the voters decide your strengths and weaknesses.

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