God is raping you…basically

Maybe I’m a little late to the game, but I just heard of VenomFangX.  He’s a popular Christian on youtube who posts a bunch of videos trying to “prove” God exists.  I really don’t see why he’s created such a stir.  He does about as horrible a job of most Christians I’ve seen claiming proof of God, when all they really have is faulty logic and a vast ignorance of the topics they are discussing.  Irregardless, I would like to focus on something he said in his video response (3:13) to the popular video 10 questions that every intelligent Christian must answer:

God gave mankind a choice: love God and obey Him or hate and disobey God.  The reason God did that- forced love is basically rape and God loves us too much to force us to love him.  So He says, “Choose,” and mankind said, “Mmmm, okay,” and they chose to disobey God.

What he’s basically saying is that God did not impose his will on us to force us to love him.  However, he ignores the fact that if we choose not to love God, then we are punished via torture for eternity.  Now, if I stick a gun to a girl’s head and say, “Have sex with me or I’ll kill you,” THAT IS STILL RAPE!  I’ve never heard of a loop-hole so big.  I can just imagine someone using it in court, “Well, actually Your Honor, technically she consented.”

No, God is forcing you to love him.  He may not be imposing his will on you, but he is coercing you using one of the worst possible things the human mind can imagine.  So make no mistake, God is raping you.

PS- This is based under the assumption that God does exist, so luckily, none of us atheists feel violated.

2 Responses to God is raping you…basically

  1. Paul Marden says:

    You hadn’t heard of him until now? I envy you. = (

    Just watched the “10 questions” video, and I have to say that I’m quite pleased with the civility it presents. There are plenty more videos which have important things to say, but don’t present it in anything close to a neutral tone.

    Even supposing the God of the Bible does exist, I’ve long held the position that I refuse to have anything to do with that black-hearted bastard.

  2. Kevin says:

    Yeah, it was kind of an unfortunate that a friend pointed me towards his videos. I think the reason he is so well-known isn’t because of his message, but his smug attitude about it. It’s kind of infuriating to see someone be so smug when they are so incredibly wrong.

    I also just started watching some of Kent Hovind’s stuff, which is almost equally infuriating. However, I just learned that he went to federal prison last year to serve a 10 year sentence for tax related crimes. That made me feel a little better.

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