Another wake up call.

So I threw a big party this last weekend, there was drinking involved, my friends and I are very enthusiastic skeptics and all of this leads to Kevin bringing up topics ranging from religion to psychics to ghosts. The thing that shocked me a little was the awe of one of the members of the conversation, a splendid young lass named Ashley.

My friend Kevin mentioned that psychics were bunk and she exclaimed, “What?!? You don’t believe in psychics?!?” She was in awe that someone didn’t believe in them. Like they were just accepted worldwide. I was shocked at how she didn’t know that psychics aren’t universally excepted, and that its because theres no real evidence for psychic powers. It was a jarring experience.

It was a sign of how much work there is to do when it comes to improving science education and the use of rational thought and critical thinking. It has motivated me beyond my previous enthusiasm.

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