Sad, But Hilarious Websites

Spend a few minutes over at Your Ghost Stories. It’s a compilation of “ghost experience” anecdotes. From a skeptic’s point of view it’s good exercise to spot the logical fallacies and gaps in reason. From an average Joe’s point of view it’s hilarious. You can find some real gems.

Check out ariessa25’s riveting tale of doing drugs and listening to Godsmack:

“One night it was just Lola, Robby, and I. We were using drugs and listening to the Godsmack C.D. I don’t know if you know who Godsmack is but most of there lyrics are Diabolic or about drug use. We all got real into the C.D. especially the song “Voo Doo”. We were talking crazy stuff and just pretty much stayed up all night.”

She then goes on to describe the actual “encounter”:

“At about 3am I woke up and could not move. This has happened to me before and my mother always told me to just pray to God and it will go away which did usually work. This time it was different. As guilty as I felt, I did pray but it didn’t work. I was sleeping on my side and was able to look at my stereo which I had left turned off but it was on and the lights were moving across and the time said 3am. I thought maybe I did leave it on but when I looked at the back it was disconnected! I panicked and screamed as loud as I could for my mom and dad but almost nothing more than a whisper came out. I must have snapped out of it and I got up and tried to open the door but it would not move! I was locked in my room. All of a sudden I felt a push throw me back on the bed. All I remember was just laying there waiting for morning. I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up it was light outside.”

Literary genius! And how does ariessa25 explain this unexplainable paranormal event?

“After this experience I quit my partying. I don’t know why but to this day I think that listening to the Godsmack C.D. is what caused this and I also don’t believe that sleep paralysis is a medical condition. I believe its something more paranormal and demonic.”

Newsflash ariessa25: you not believing that sleep paralysis is a medical condition has no bearing on whether or not it is actually a condition. And just in case you don’t know where the author stands, the title of the story is “It Was Not Sleep Paralysis.”

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