Abiogensis vs Evolution

I recently got into an argument with my mom (a fundamentalist Christian) about evolution and science in general. Almost immediately after saying she knew quite a bit about evolution, she attacked me by saying I had just as much “faith” as her to believe that life just happened out of nothing. At first I was confused because, besides being a faulty argument, I didn’t see what it had to do with evolution. I quickly realized she was mixing the theory of evolution with the theory of abiogenesis.

First, abiogenesis is the theory that deals with the origins of life; how life came to exist out of non-life. The theory of evolution deals with life after it existed and how it adapts so well to it’s environment. Second, how can people argue against and have problems with something they really know nothing about? I strongly encourage everybody to become well-educated with a concept before criticizing it.

PS- I was forced to attend church three times a week, nearly every week, of my childhood (until I was 16). So when I argue against religion, specifically Christianity, I am well-educated on the topic.


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